Throughout the years it was only
          - YOU - that has kept me going.
Having you as a fan is the greatest support and asset for me
don't deprive me of your supports and feedbacks.

- Bahador Kharazmi
Never heard of him, well I'm sure you've heard his music at least once with his memorable "Too In Zamooneh" remix.

Personally, I became aware of this amazing creature about ten years ago in a time best known for unbelievable difficulties, not only for active people like the young Bahador who tried to do something creative & brand new in Iranian music, but also for anyone with cultural ideas other than pure Islamic ones.

As so many of you may already know, in my beloved country a little after the Islamic Revolution, music was announced Haram which means taboo, and having broken such rule back then, might have led to serious punishments.

Meanwhile, due to an obvious conflict between people's urge for either composing or listening to modern styles of music, and the fact that it was Haram, a generation of young minds like Bahador, established a novel method to introduce their musical interests & fulfill the yearning of their society. The method now known as the "Underground Music", as a result of which it was finally made possible, of course after tremendous struggles of so many artists & cultural activists, for them to obtain official permission to release their music.

However, Bahador did not bother himself to get the permission cause his "Underground Style" was not a kind to which it would be possible to obtain one for despite of him having been remixed some after revolution songs, he mostly used to remix memorable songs of an era according to Iranian rulers was named "Depravation Era"! To be more specific, his style is a mixture of Electronic, Dance, Trance and Persian folk music influences. In addition to which taking the advantage of traditional & local instruments from Persian music industry has aided him brings out the accent of the sound, and emphasizes the feeling of the music pieces.

The way he sees the world? To be honest I must confess I don't really know much of the answer even after years of friendship thanks to great complexity of his ideas. He's a thoughtful person from whom I've learned so much. He certainly hates Philosophy and related subjects for he thinks it either makes simple matters seem so profound or much worse quite the reverse. For the humanity matters, as far as I'm concerned, he somehow believes that the problem we all have is that we launch our thoughts from ground zero of either some prehistoric suggested ideas, so many of which have not yet been getting the chance to be proved, and probably will never do so or from the basis of thoughts of a well known someone who could be ranged from one's father to a Prophet. Well, you may say "so what"? The answer, from his viewpoint, lies beneath the fact that we start our own view from the above ideas, we then broadens them to the frontier we think is the best humanitarian theory of the world. Unfortunately, after struggling too much we find it difficult to accept that our final conclusion is somehow the same old start point from which we began long ago, let alone convincing the others. To him, wandering around this circle of closed delirium is somehow just a waste of time.

The good thing; however, is that in a universe where everything evolves, around two years ago he made a revision not to his style of music, but to consider composing music with poems closer in meaning to his ideas and points of view, and that came to him as he reviewed poems of a man who he believes was the greatest, and the most thoughtful poet of all times, Hakim Omar Khayyam. Why? For he counts on him as the absolute role model of his own way of thinking which to him is the ambassador who brought about enigmatic untouchable ideas way beyond his, and even our eras.

- Shahram J. Darbandi
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Released On : November 13, 2013

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