Throughout the years it was only
          - YOU - that has kept me going.
Having you as a fan is the greatest support and asset for me
don't deprive me of your supports and feedbacks.

- Bahador Kharazmi

“SiyahBakht” Is Out Now.

  Monday, August 30th, 2010

The new single SiyahBakht€, also known as Az Khoonatoun Biyayn Biroon is an old classic music sung and produced by Mr. Zande Vakil in Persian traditional music genre.

This last cover of the song is a combination of Persian Pop, Slow Rock and Electronic genres. Persian traditional instrument influences have also given a new feeling to this new piece. The song will be available here for download also if you would like to support our productions you can also purchase the song from our host on iTunes.

The label of the song is a simple description for the title of the song, an ill-fated lonely scarecrow, doomed to be fastened to a piece of wood for the rest of his life.

Hereby I would like to thank one of my biggest fans and one of my biggest supporters of all time my dear sister Behshid who has always been by my side through out all of my productions and she’€™s always been a huge support for my career. This single would not be possible without her helps as my previous ones. And also I would like to thank Mr. Abdolreza Jalali the Fajr festival 1st place winner, for honoring us by playing the marvelous and beautiful part of €œSetar passage, and thanks a lot to those who has always been there for me and has always supported me. As always your comments on the new single are highly needed and we are looking forward to hear them all, arms open wide. Love you all.

001 – Bahador Kharazmi – SiyahBakht : Available For Download On iTunes

…But If You Only Prefer To Download : Mp3 (320kbps) – Mp3 (192kbps) – Mp3 (128kbps)

Download The Poster 1 : 1600*1200 – 1024*768


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محمد wrote:

نجاتم ده از عشق های ریاکارانه ی واهی
پناهم ده در آستانت تو ای بخشنده ی ناجی

بعد از چندین سال همینطور که آرشیو اهنگ هامو نگاه می کردم یهو به اسم بهادر خوارزمی خوردم اون آلبوم اولی …. کلی از خاطرات گذشته واسم زنده شد… گفتم ببینم این داداشمون کجاس اصلا چی کار می کنه . آهنگ های جدید رو هم گرفتم…. هنوز سبک خودتو داری عالیه!
خلاصه خواستم بگم دمه شما گرم و هرجا که هستی پیروز باشی

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